MapQuest~iphone N ipod

MapQuest® 4 Mobile brings over a decade of digital mapping experience to your iPhone® with unique features to help you get where you’re going. Try Voice-Guidance, our latest addition to Driving Directions, for a more hands-free experience!Few people know that MapQuest actually produced paper maps prior to becoming an Internet icon. In the future, people may be surprised to find that there was ever a time when mapping wasn't available on the mobile phone. Whatever the medium, we want to help get you there. MapQuest® 4 Mobile brings our unique 'secret sauce' to your iPhone®. Download it today.

  • NEW! Voice

  • NEW! Off-Route Assistance

  • Energy savings mode

  • Walking directions (pedestrian mode)

  • Save Maps and Routes

  • Make your own my position icon


Http File Server~Share your files

You can use HFS (HTTP File Server) to send and receive files.
It's different from classic file sharing because it uses web technology to be more compatible with today's Internet.
It also differs from classic web servers becauseit's very easy to use and runs "right out-of-the box". Access your remote files, over the network.
It has been successfully tested with Linux Wine System.


~Download and upload.
~Virtual file system .
~Highly customizable.
~HTML template .
~Bandwidth control.
~Easy/Expert mode.
~Log .
~Full control over connections .
~Accounts .
~Dynamic DNS updater .
~Its free.
Download here ....

Woobius--Makes Design & File Sharing Easy

Woobius is a new file sharing and project collaboration online solution serving architects, engineers and other design professionals who need to share drawings and other documents with their team. As a web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, it is accessible from virtually any internet-connected computer. The idea is to keep file sharing simple and user friendly, stripping it of unnecessary bells and whistles to capitalize on the power of collaboration.All you need is your web browser¹ and you're good to go.Upload photos, take screenshots, and draw live with as many people as you like. Woobius Eye will soon be available on a number of smart phones and devices In fact, if you see a little pulsating cursor in this middle of this page then you're already connected

NoVirusThanks/Hijack Hunter/Threat Killer/Malware Remover/Websites Cop(all free)

NoVirusThanks Malware Remover is an application designed to detect and remove specific malware, trojans, worms and other malicious threats that can damage your computer. It includes also the ability to remove rogue software, spyware and adware.
Scanning time is very fast and does not use or need much memory even with other high-resource programs are running.

Key Features

o Accurate Disinfection Method
o Remove Rogue Software and Unwanted Applications
o Remove Trojans, Spyware and Worms
o Quick Scan and Full Scan
o Scan Processes
o Scan Modules
o Backup of Files and Folders
o Fast Scanning
o Easy to use
o Manual Update of Database
o Multilingual

o Its Free

USB Guardian - Scan USB for Worms and Viruses

USB Guardian is a special software application which prevents your computer to get infected with nasty viruses an worms like Conficker (aka Downandup, Downadup and Kido!) which have spread already to over 9 milion computers.

USB Guardian allows you to safely enjoy file sharing using just an USB thumbdrive for copying the files . Movies, mp3s, documents and pictures can be copied from one computer to another without worrying of getting infected with worms and viruses trough USB drive.
USB thumbdrives have become a comodity and this fact is actively being exploited by criminals who have developed special viruses and worms which infect USB storage devices like thumbdrives, cameras and even mobile phones. The interface is very clean and well organized so that one can access all functions with minimum effort.


AVG Rescue CD--A powerful toolset for rescue & repair of infected PC

The AVG Rescue CD is a powerful must-have toolkit for the rescue and repair of infected machines. It provides essential utilities for system administrators and other IT professionals and includes the following features: Anti-virus: protection against viruses, worms and Trojans Anti-spyware: protection against spyware, adware and identity theft Administration toolkit: system recovery tools The AVG Rescue CD is essentially a portable version of AVG Anti-Virus supplied through Linux distribution. It can be used in the form of a bootable CD or bootable USB flash drive to recover your computer when the system cannot be loaded normally, such as after an extensive or deep-rooted virus infection. In short, the AVG Rescue CD enables you to fully remove infections from an otherwise inoperable PC and render the system bootable again