ManyEyes--Visualization Application from IBM

ManyEyes---In nutshell Many Eyes is an IBM Research project and website whose stated goal is to enable data analysis by making it easy for laypeople to create, edit, share and discuss information visualizations. It was started in 2007 by Fernanda ViƩgas and Martin M. Wattenberg..

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Windows Live Essentials 2011

Microsoft has made Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download. While it's available to Windows 7 and Vista users, however, Windows XP users will have to upgrade or do without Microsoft made its new Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download Sept. 30.Windows Live Essentials beta includes free programs from Microsoft for photos, movies, instant messaging, e‑mail, blogging, and more. Get them all in one download and get more done with Windows.It includes beta versions of Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Movie Maker, Writer, Family Safety, and Sync, plus Bing Bar and Messenger Companion. You also get Microsoft Office Outlook Connector Pack and Microsoft Silverlight.

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Facebook and Skype Plan Integration

Facebook and Skype are working on a broad partnership that will include the integration of the two services through Facebook Connect, according to a person briefed on the plans, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity because the plans were supposed to be confidential. The partnership will be announced in the next few weeks, the person said.A Facebook spokeswoman and a Skype spokesman declined to comment.Under the partnership, people who use their Facebook credentials to log in to Skype will be able to see their Facebook friends on Skype. They will also be able to see their news feed and to sent text messages and call their friends’ landlines using Skype.

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Rainmaker~Supercharge your Google Contacts

Rainmaker syncs contact data from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you don't have to manually update your Google contacts or even go and lookup the contact information yourself.

Rainmaker helps you keep your contact information up-to-date by letting your contacts do it for you. Link your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts to Rainmaker and it'll update your Google Contacts with any new information. You can perform this action manually for individually contacts or allow Rainmaker to handle it for you automatically