Total PC Defender 2010 ~ A Malware

Total PC Defender is a malware that pretends to be an Antivirus when in reality it is a malware. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It conducts a fake scan of your system; you are warned by a fake alarm that there are more malwares on your system. It’s true indeed, there is really a malware in your system but I think the only malware on your system is Total PC Defender (AKA TotalPCDefender). It invites you to purchase a license to remove malware, do not, it's a scam, you need a license for a malware?

To remove Total PC Defender
Download this free removal tool for Total PC Defender
Extract it
Click on the delete button
Total PC Defender will be removed from your system in 10s. Restart your computer when it’s finished