Only Anti-virus can Save You?

Most of the times I hear from my staffs and colleagues since they are using Anti-virus program, still how come they get infected with virus, and whatever I reply does not satisfy them, because  my answer is “ONLY A ANTI-VIRUS CAN NOT SAVE YOU, UNLESS YOU CARE OTHER THINGS TOO!”
(It’s as simple as you have a watch-dog at home, that doesn’t mean you can leave home alone and it will be safe because of you have a dog for security. To make more secure you need to follow more security measures)
The purpose of this article is to provide basic security practices and information to help readers secure their computers against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and hackers.
Guys here I am going to tell you some tips for windows O/S, I am sure if you follow them you will not need even any A/V program.
Security Requirements
1.     Keep your PC O/S always updated, always use genuine O/S.
2.     Avoid USB pen drive, U3 memory sticks are self-activating and can auto-run applications when inserted into a system.
3.     Every computer that connects to the internet in any form MUST have a personal firewall.
4.      If an email or email attachment seems suspicious, don't open it, even if your anti-virus software indicates that the message is clean. Attackers are constantly releasing new viruses, and the anti-virus software might not have the signature.
5.     Only browse the internet with a safe browser or change your browser settings to make it more secure.
6.     While installing the new program, read carefully the acceptable policy(it could work as spyware too)
7.     Keep your e-mail address confidential and NEVER post an email address in an unsecured web page on the internet. This practice reduces spam and chance of getting virus or scam emails.
8.     Beware of malicious hyperlinks. Malicious hyperlinks are web links that look like they will take you to a particular site but in reality they will take you to another site.
9.     Use windows defender. Stay away from freewares.
10. Password should be always strong, use alphanumeric words. NEVER use dictionary words.
Evaluate  your PC vulnerability