Google Panda

Panda isn't just another update to the search algorithm, many of which we have seen over the years. One of the special things about Panda is that it uses human reviewers to rate sites. The impact of these updates is measurable on individual websites simply through analysis of web traffic. In simple words Google does not bother what you say about your website, But it considers more what others say about your website.
How to neutralize Panda
·  Clean Your WHOLE Site
·   Panda Likes New Content
·   No tattered Content
·   Too Many Outbound Links with Keywords
·   Build your brand awareness across the web wherever you can.          
·   Promote your content on social media including Twitter and Facebook.
·   Edit any ‘over-optimized’ pages.
·   Find the pages and page types hit worst on your site.
·   Minimize Duplicate Template Content
·   No Pages with 1-2 Paragraphs of Text Only