Browser Toolbars Yes or NO?

One of the most annoying thing I found these days browser capture by adware or toolbars, which comes mostly with freeware. It can be by trusted software or malicious as well, and the result will be unwanted homepage, shady browser windows with toolbars.
Whenever I meet my friend/relative's PC/Laptops that they complain is too slow browsing speed (even having latest higher config. Pcs) there's one thing I almost always find: several browser toolbars, mostly in Internet Explorer.
Over the period these companies also become mature and smarter, if you remember few years back when you try to install some freebie software, You must have seen these kind of pop-ups ,where the toolbar selection was optional only, but it was pretty clear to choose. Like this

Now the Scenario has been changed with different reasons behind which I don’t want to discuss here, probably on next post. Nowadays if you install like these freebies You might get pop-ups like this, where the all options are checked.
In both the situations are toolbars are OPTIONAL. But second situation is bit deceiving, specially for those who are mainly focused on NEXT Button CLICK.

And the result will be something like this.

 I know there lot of tool bars from well trusted software and which are not having any single negative points for your PC health. But still, do You really need all of this or Do you want half of your browsing screen captured by toolbars window? I know You don’t want!!. Like picture no 3’s situation. Since long time malicious toolbars for browsers, in which toolbars are implemented as Browser Helper Object, even if not all Browser Helper Object s are toolbars. Some are a problem just because a user has too many of them like above picture number 3,But browser add-ons in both browsers run in the same process as the browser itself; they have access to all the data the browser has, and instability in the add-on can make the browser unstable.
So just be careful and mindful as well for your next any installation, and if already got like this browser window, Close your Browser, Go to your Control panel, and uninstall one by one all the tool bars.

Happy surfing!